$95 Skeb
The starting price for 1 character is 95$ USD
If you are familiar with Skeb, then you already know the concept. For those who don't know, it's a commission process where you can request art with little communications.
The Rules are simple:
1. You must include every content in your request text. If you have image references, provide the URL in the text.
2. You will only receive a sketch confirmation then you will receive the finished product.
3. Limited Communication: you are not allowed to discuss, retake, specify a deadline.
4. Patreon/Ko-fi members gets priority.
I reserve the rights to refuse your requests.
How to request:
1. Fill in the google form.
2. You will receive a confirmation message
3. Pay the amount to the artist's method of payment.
4. I will begin to work after the payment is successful.
5. You will be delivered the sketch then the commission.