1Welcome to the Starborn Universe2
Q. What is a Starborn?
A. Starborn are beings that has taken physical form from a star! After the death of a star, causing a supernova explosion, there is a small chance that star can be reborn as a starborn! They mostly take form of small anthropomorphic animals, their most notable feature is that their star symbol is somewhere on their body.
Q. Who made this idea?
A. Me and my good friend, Justin! I created Nekostar, he created Starbunny!
Q. What about the comic titled "Starborn"?
A. It's a comic made by me! It's still in its writing development and I plan to post future stories and lore about the Starborn in my YouTube Channel! Though I am also kept busy with other priorities so updates will not be consistent yet so I appreciate your patience.
Q. Can I make a Starborn?
A. Yes! As many as you like. You can create your own stories, fanfictions, or lore with them if you so desire. If you do make them, please notify me through my Twitter or Tumblr as I would love to see your creations!
Q. What's the criteria of a Starborn?
A. Here are the general rules, you can even flex it around a little:
  • Small anthropomorphic animals, though larger ones do exist.
  • At least 1 star shaped symbol on their body or even in their body
  • Androgynous (Starborn do not have genders, but they can have qualities of one or the other.)
  • They have abilities in relation to astrological aspects ranging from simple abilities like emitting light to amazing powers like shooting laser beams!
Q. Can I make fanart of your characters?
A. The same as above, yes! Notify me if you do.
Q. Anything to avoid?
A. I only ask that you please do not send me explicit imagery of my characters, while canonically they are 1000+ years of age, they still have the appearance of a 7 year old child. I am not against being sent NSFW if it's within reason, I hope that makes sense but I still prefer the former.
Q. Do Starborn age/grow old?
A. Yes, they do. Below is an age chart of Nekostar "growing up" hypothetically , for reference, I use the lifespan of our current sun, which can live up to 10 billion years. Of course, each stars are different as there are some who have lived even longer.